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Submitted by: D. Lee on Jun 24, 2009

To anyone looking for a GSP pup. I cannot say enough about Rob and Judy and their kennel! They took the time to explain and answer ALL of my questions and are still helping me. My pup is a boy from Toby and Zoie and he is fantastic! Give them a call you will not be disappointed.


Submitted by: Bonnie and Ken Snyder on Dec 01, 2008

The number doesn't go high enough - if we could we would give them a 10!! For being not only the best but surpassing what anyone would expect from a breeder!

We have owned two of Abbe Lane GSP's, and still have the boy - recently we lost the little girl at 9 years of age. She was the smartest - most loving dog - the biggest couch potato - easiest trained - both of our Shorthairs have been the best all around dogs we have ever owned. Ali was my assistant dog - would pick up anything that was dropped and bring it/hand it to me. She learned this in only 5 minutes at 4 months of age. This included metal objects as well!

Rob and Judy have been wonderful people - are fantastic breeders producing wonderful dogs. We would not have a problem getting another puppy from them, and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a personal gun dog in their home.

If you would like to contact us: lasnyder@up.net
any time we would be happy to tell you more about how wonderful Rob and Judy and their Abbe Lane Kennels are!


Submitted by: Gregg & Cindy Farmer on Nov 24, 2007

In 1999, Rob and Judy provided us the opportunity to have two sisters out of Holzstrom's Hanna Of Abbe LN and Stradivarius Maximilien. The breeding with Hanna and Max produced two of the most intense Shorthairs that we have ever had the privilage of owning and working with. Great natural instinct, good conformation, outstanding temperment and wonderful Couch Potatos. We have had Shorthairs since 1980 and couldn't have asked for more.
Rob and Judy have a great program and are very willing to help with questions and have served as a valuable source of information for us over the years. They are fine folks that have made a good contribution to the breed. We will without a doubt stay in touch.


Submitted by: Troy Hodulik on Nov 16, 2007

Just a quick note for potential customers of Abbe Lane GSP's. My daughter, Hannah, handled Skye to her Junior Hunter title at the age of 7 months and has several walking Field Trial placements to her credit as well. Not bad for an 8 year old girl. In nearly 15 years of having Shorthairs as part of my family, I have not had a dog with more natural ability and trainability than I have with my GSP from Mr. and Mrs. Moerman. So far, she has been the perfect blend of drive/desire and cooperation. I can not recommend Abbe Lane Kennels enough.
Submitted by: Richard Petersen on Oct 10, 2007
I found Rob thru a newspaper article and stopped to visit. As others have said, he loves his dogs. Be prepared to visit a while if you stop. Both he and Judy (wife) are wonderful folks and are breeding dogs for the right reasons.
I own two GSP's from Rob's line, both are super dogs and my only complaint is sometimes you have to wait for a year to get a pup. But you wont be disappointed.


Submitted by: Troy Hodulik on Jun 14, 2007

If you are looking for a great GSP, Abbe Lane is the place. Mr. and Mrs. Moerman are fantastic people and know how to take care of their customers. At only 14 weeks old, our puppy Skye is showing traits and behaviors that are nothing short of spectacular: retrieving on land AND water; staunch points on quail and pigeons; beautiful structure; good nose; boldness; drive and desire; friendliness toward new people; and intelligence. Our family could not be happier. Above all, Mr. and Mrs. Moerman are breeders that make you feel welcome at their kennel and go the extra mile to earn their customer's trust. We will be going back to Abbe Lane for our next GSP!


Submitted by: Craig Jones on Feb 21, 2007

Five years ago I purchased my first shorthair from Rob and have been happy ever since. In 2005 My dog Zeb passed the Navhda Invitational and has done
nothing but continue to get better. Zeb might be be a once in a life time dog or just one of many great dogs Rob produces either way he is the best dog I have ever owned.It is not uncommon for Zeb to retrieve a limit of ducks in the morning and point a limit of Grouse in the after noon.


Submitted by: David Horsfield on Jan 18, 2007

In 1999 we sold our house in Ann Arbor, Mich.,built a house in Presque Isle,Mich.& moved in early 2000.
In 2001 we met another couple, Tim & Sue Eyth who had just retired from a veterinary practice in WestBranch, Mich.& moved to Presque Isle.A few days later we were invited to their house where we met our first G.S.P,"Raisin",who came from Abbe Lane, what a wonderful, well behaved house pet.

As we got to know Tim & Sue we would baby sit for Raisin when they could not take her out of town with them.We became very attached to such a beautiful,perfectly well mannered house guest,who was so gentle around our 2 year old grand daughter when she would visit us at the same time as Raisin.In the fall,after hunting with Tim & Raisin,I had never seen a dog that loved to bird hunt as much as Raisin.

Bonnie, my wife started to agitate me for another dog,our last dog,a Border collie cross had died at 12 years old just before we retired & it had devastated me.I swore we would never,ever have another dog but in a weak moment to Bonnie's agitation I relented & she was off to the races to find a Raisin duplicate.
Bonnie contacted Rob & Judy at Abbe Lane(after all,what better place to start to find a Raisin duplicate)who just happened to have a litter due.We sent a deposit,got on the list & a couple of months later we were on our way to Kalamazoo to pick up Mya.
She is a beautiful G.S.P,has taken over our house,our lives,loves people,has a wonderful personality & gets along very well with other dogs,Bonnie says she is priceless.At 4 months she was showing lots of interest in birds & trying to put the sneak on squirrels,doves & all manner of critters,now at 7 months she is pointing grouse.We believe Mya will grow into a good bird dog,hopefully as great as Raisin,she has already settled into being a wonderful house pet & she cetainly lives up to everything that Rob & Judy claim in their ads.about their dogs being well adjusted.

If you wish to get in touch with us about our experience with Rob & Judy at Abbe Lane,please feel free to e-mail us at dhorsfield@core.com.
Dave & Bonnie Horsfield


Submitted by: Jim & Faith Ryan on Jan 16, 2007

We purchased our first dog from Rob & Judy in 2003. We had just lost our shorthair to a dog attack and were devastated. We started looking into different kennels and knew we didn't need to look any further once we found Abbe Lane. The facilities were so clean and the dogs all had friendly family temperaments. Rob showed us the dogs and all of their training, certification, NAHVDA scores, etc. We were impressed. What really peaked our interest was the enthusiasm and sincerity that both of them spoke with. After breeding shorthairs for 30+ years we were amazed that they could still get that excited about discussing dogs. These are people who are in it for the love of the breed and doing right by them. So many breeders seem to be in it for the money or the prestiege. Not Rob & Judy. Their dogs are such a great deal. Affordable, reliable, instinctual, and loving. Everywhere we go we get stopped and questioned about our dogs. They are such great spokesmen for the breed. Luger is our 3 year old (a Toby/Loki male) and is not only a phenomenal hunter but he has such a wonderful temperament that he has his certification in therapy. We wanted to get another dog from Abbe Lane and in May 2006 picked up our little Bullet (a Toby/Kess male). That year was difficult for us as we were in transition moving back to PA from MI and it took us 9 months to relocate. We didn't get as much time in training as we usually do and we weren't sure how far along Bullet would be come hunting season. We shouldn't have worried. Bullet is so instinctual, we were amazed. He's a natural pointer and retriever, he even held steady to shot. We hunt the dogs on mostly pheasant, but Luger has retrieved all kinds of birds, fowl, and small game. Rob & Judy have truly bred and kept the 'versatile' in this versatile breed.
We would like to thank Rob & Judy for such wonderful dogs. Our boys are not only hunting dogs but special members of our family.

Please contact us if we can provide any further information. gundogm@verizon.net

Jim & Faith Ryan, White Haven, PA


Submitted by: Steve, Wendy, Paige and Logan Buehler
on Dec 30, 2006

After putting our 13 yr old lab down several years ago, we decided we were ready for a new dog. Our daughter did much research and decided on a German Shorthair and found AbbeLane on the internet. Our son also wanted a puppy. We e-mailed with Rob for several weeks before visiting their kennel and were fortunate to see 2 litters of puppies while we were there. Rob was so helpful. We asked alot of questions and he answered them all. We told him we wanted 2 females and he let us know all the pros and cons of getting 2 females at once. We decided to go ahead and picked up our 2 girls in June. We purchased them as 80% family pet and 20% hunters. That is quickly changing as the whole family is getting involved in the training and hunting. They are beautiful to watch in the field. They are only 9 months old, but have wonderful natural insticnt. They have been holding point from early on and they both honor each others point which is so fun to watch. Roxie and Jazz did great on their first hunt and have another coming up soon. They are doing well with their training and are great dogs in the house and with the kids. Roxie has even become quite a football player with the help of our son. We get many comments on our girls when we take them with us and we always recommend Abbelane to those who ask where we got them. Rob was great to work with and we are thankful we found Abbelane and would not hesitate to return there for future dogs. We love our girls!!!


Submitted by: Doug Thydean on Dec 25, 2006

I would just like to thank you for allowing us to purchase a pup out of your kennel. Turk is now 15 months old and what a fantastic dog he is. His disposition at home is one of calm and gentleness, yet in the field hunting, it is strictly business. I work as a guide at a hunting preserve and used Turk this past fall. He naturally honors, is steady on point, retrieves to hand and his style is phenomenal.

Submitted by: Jerry Hutchins on Dec 12, 2006

I bought Merkel, my first Abbe Lane pup, over 8 years ago. I taught him "come, sit, and hold" and that's all that was needed. At 5 months he was finding birds and holding his point. Many times I thought I had lost him only to find him 30 yards away in a thicket and on point.

Even though I don't show dogs he could have easily have won his bench championship. What a body. He has given me much pleasure and we've sat around a hundred camp fires.
I now have another Abbe Lane pup who will someday take Merkel's place. This was his first hunting season. His first woodcock flew up in his face and since then he has held his point
like a pro.

Both of these dogs sleep on my bed and are excellent in the house. I couldn't ask for better dogs and companions. Thanks Abbe Lane.


Submitted by: Ron Mathis on Dec 11, 2006

We purchased our first GSP from Rob and Judy in January 2000 after a two year search for the right breeder and right dog; style, ability , temperment. Max is very determined never letting
thick cover stop him, loves the water and never meets a stranger.

In May of 2006 while boarded at a kennel, the owner neglected to lock his gate and Max got out. We have continued to look for him and hopefully, we will find him.

This loss brought us back to Rob and Judy and Abbe Lane Kennels without hesitation. We now have our second pup(related to Max)and he possesses many of the same quaities. Basic training is well underway and introduction to birds is next on the agenda. Luke is full of energy and has great style and confirmation. We fully expect Luke to be a great gundog and intergal part of our family.

Both Rob abd Judy have been wonderful to work with from our prurchase of Max to the understanbing of our loss and working with us as we decided if it was time to get another GSP.

Ron Mathis
Maineville, OH


Submitted by: Douglas Varnum on Dec 10, 2006

If you're looking for an excellant & loving companion, a hunter with a nose like a radar, a natural retriever, and simply beautiful, you've come to the BEST KENNEL!!

ROB & JUDY have devoted over 30 years of love and attention to this breed and have developed EXCEPTIONAL dogs. I was willing to travel up to 500 miles to obtain the dog of my dreams, and Abbe Lane came through, without even having to leave the state. I believe you cannot find a more dedicated pair of sincere, honest, and knowledgelable breeders anywhere.

Sunshine (Sunny) was very "birdie" from 3 months or earlier, and now at only 10 months, and with minimal training, already outperforms most other dogs she's hunted with. She's the love of my life, and my wife feels the same way about our new family member. Whenever she meets someone new, the first thing they exclaim is how beautiful she is.

Feel free to call for any additional info 248-321-4694


Submitted by: Jeff Neatherlin on Dec 10, 2006

This could turn into a book, "If you have never hunted Blue (Scaled) Quail behind a Abbe Lane pup, then you just haven't lived" I bought my first shorthair from Rob and Judy, at Abbe Lane Kennels in 2000 and they air freighted her a little over 1800 miles to me. That was one of the best investments I have ever made. 'Maggie' and I did everything together hunting, fishing, training, swimming, sleeping and most of all eating and you have heard this before, but it is worth repeating, that girl taught me way more than I ever taught her. My wife accused me of having an affair with that little girl. I had never trained a bird dog before Rob suggested a couple of good books to get started and then some of his methods for specific things that worked well, and when I ran into problems with the trainer (me) I was able to call the professionals in Michigan and get a clear direction for me. Rob and Judy were very considerate, patient and very helpful. Maggie was three years old when I decided to have her bred. Once again the support from Abbe Lane Kennels was needed before the pregnancy and after and everything turned out perfect. I raised the fattest little pups that were pointing on a wing at 5-6 weeks of age. I lost Maggie to a rattlesnake bite in 2003, when those pups were 2 months old, (I had kept 3 of them) They are very well respected in our little community in southeastern New Mexico. I got another pup this year from Abbe Lane, and he is now 9 months old. He is backing, pointing and checking on me, occasionally, in the field. He is extremely intelligent, and loves to give kisses to my 18 month old granddaughter. I am not a professional, but I have not seen any thing that I would change in, or about the dogs I have got from Abbe Lane. I am perfectly happy with them and would recommend them to anyone, especially if you have a family and want a bird dog, they really don't take up that much room on the couch. I'm positive that if you get one,and you have children that is where they will end up, on your couch. You won't be sorry.

Call me, I have a lot more great stories. (505) 885-9165


Submitted by: mark beasland on Dec 08, 2006

I met Rob while hunting in Ontario . After hunting with his dog Hanna I had to have one of her pups. I got a pup and was not disappointed. She is smart, eager to please, easy to train and full of bird sense. Rob and Judy are both very professional and great to deal with. They run a top notch facility.

Mark Beasland, Mark's Born Again Birdguns


Submitted by: ned calvin on Dec 07, 2006

Zak is the 2nd shorthair I have bought from Abbe Lane.I bought Jack in 1995. Great dog did it all. Jack died of a heart attack Sept 12,2004. The end of April 2005 I bought Zak. I hunted him on birds 7 days in Nov 2005 and he hunted like a 5 yr old. I hunted him 7 days last month. Fabulous for 1 1/2 yrs old. I am 71 and hunt my dogs without a shock collar. I feel a shock collar says the dog is a big runner or not trained. Zak is a house dog and runs all the errands with me. A great pal.


Submitted by: Cy Cattan on Dec 07, 2006

I can't explain how great it was to get a dog from Abbe Lane shorthairs. I am very particular about how my dogs hunt and "Brother" who is now about 14 months old has surpassed my expectations. He is steady as a rock to both wing shot and fall and has been since about 4 months old. He hunts hard and ranges very well for both a truck and walking. He has a great nose, honors like he points and retrieves well. My wife even likes him. Above all else he is a great companion and would highly recomend the experience of buying a pup or started dog from Rob and Judy.
Please call me at anytime for questions 281-685-2929.....


Submitted by: Tim Lintz on Dec 07, 2006

There is not enough room here to say enough positive things about Abbe Lane Kennels. We have two GSPs from Abby Lane. Edie and Ike are the consumate gun dogs. Lots of heart and drive. I tested both this year in the NAVHDA Utility test. Edie received a prize one and will be going to the 2007 North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Invitational hunt test. Ike received a prize three pass on the test also. This was my first try at the utility test. However, the most imporant attribute these dogs have is they are great family dogs. They love our five grandchildren and the older ones help us train them. Beautiful, intellegent, bidable with tons of drive in the field and are natural retrievers on land and water. People often wonder with the drive that Edie has, how is she as a pet. My wife works third shift and often comes home to find her in bed curled up by a cat. You will not see dogs taken any better care of then at ABBE LANE KENNELS.


Submitted by: William R. Blythe, MD on Dec 07, 2006

I have purchased three wonderful pups from Robb and Judy Moreman of Abbe Lane Kennels. I lost one in an accident, but the other two are simply spectacular. "Scout" is my oldest, and he is my best friend and prized hunting companion. He is a loving pet for the children, and he is an enthusiastic yet patient hunter. I have taken him all over the country hunting pheasant, quail and ducks. I have been offered thousands of dollars for him on multiple occasions, and I have been asked to "lend" him to a hunting preserve for the season. (I didn't take either offer.) He is amazingly smart, he has an excellent nose, and he has the stamina to hunt the North Dakota CRP and Badlands for days at a time. He will retrieve ducks out of frozen Arkansas water, albeit with somewhat less enthusiasm than pointing quail. He has blood tracked a dozen deer that I would have lost without him. I couldn't ask for a better dog in any aspect.

My experience with Abbe Lane Kennels has been second to none. The dogs have all been healthy, smart and beautiful. Robb and Judy are wonderful about communicating properly throughout and after the sale. The dogs have no health issues whatsoever. Although all bird dogs are exposed to potential injury, my dogs are amazingly tough and resilient.

My dogs hunt everything from dove, ducks, quail, woodcock, pheasant, grousse and deer. Interestingly, Scout loves to go fishing about as much as anything else. He can swim for hours, and he loves to take a Largemouth bass for a lap or two around the boat before releasing him. I have never seen another dog do that, but he loves it. If anyone buys a pup from Abbe Lane and they are not happy with it, e-mail me and I will buy it from you.
Submitted by: Paula K. L. Heitz on Oct 27, 2006
Technically speaking, Lee Shepherd bred my wonderful german shorthair, Taylor Creek Von Pepper. I cannot speak highly enough of what a wonderful, professional, exceptional hunter she is, and what a wonderful loving apartment companion. She is the total package. I just "lost" my beloved coon hound, Sadie Pearl, age 12, and when "Pepper" and I recover enough, I will be contacting Abbe Lane Kennels to have a looksee. To Lee Shepherd, a heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful dog.