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OUR GIRLS - German Shorthaired Pointers

Liver/white ticked, liver/roan, black/roan and black/white.

Pups $900, $200 deposit*, All pups come with a one year health guarantee. They also are guaranteed to have natural pointing and retrieving instinct.

We raise two to four litters of pups per year and socialize all of our pups.

*Deposit is non-refundable after puppies are whelped

These are very intelligent good looking pups, that love to please. Puppies are very birdy, showing high desire at 6-7 weeks of age. All have wonderful loving temperaments. Good looking, intelligent Bird Dogs, that have family temperaments. They will give you their best for affection and a nice warm bed at night.

Now accepting deposits for 2013!

June Carter Cash (Click here for pedigree certificate)
Abbe Lanes June Carter Cash Abbe Lanes June Carter Cash

Ticked Off Willow (Click here for pedigree certificate)
Abbe Lanes Ticked Off Willow Abbe Lanes Ticked Off Willow
Beaulah (Pedigree coming soon!)
Abbe Lanes Beaulah Abbe Lanes Beaulah
Ellee (Pedigree coming soon!)
Abbe Lanes Ellee Abbe Lanes Ellee
Quanna (Pedigree coming soon!)
Abbe Lanes Quanna Abbe Lanes Quanna